01-08-20Randy Lewis

Good afternoon,

My name is Randy Lewis and I'm working with a company called Seat Up. I am reaching out today in hopes with speaking with someone regarding the beneficial Links section on your website.

I'd like to suggest as an additional resource the following guides from Seat Up, either one of which would make for a great informational resource to visitors of your site.

https://seatup.com/blog/music-notes-a-guide-to-music-for-kids (a great resource with a vast amount of information for kids on music)
https://seatup.com/blog/k-12-resources-for-music-educators (An All-in-One resource for k-12 music instructors)

Any feedback that you can provide moving forward would be appreciated. Thank you for the consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Randy Lewis
Seat Up

04-15-19Chris DiGirolamo

Chris - Greetings. My name is Chris DiGirolamo. I own and operate Two for the Show Media in New York. Please view our site: www.twofortheshowmedia.com.

Over the past thirteen years we have operated one of the top publicity firms in jazz, blues, & world music. With 25 Grammy nominated artists and two Grammy winners among our achievements. This past February we won Best Latin Jazz Recording with Drummer/Composer Dafnis Prieto.

I am contacting you to inform you about some recent service changes at Two for the Show Media that are now available to our clients.

In addition to our highly successful print media campaigns we are now adding full Radio PR servicing, Digital campaigns, & full Marketing/Promotional Services (*Website Design/ Email Marketing *Search Engine Optimization/ EPKs *Social Media Management/ One sheets *Printed Glossy One sheets/ Advertising)

If you are interested in discussing any of the following services, please email us and we will arrange a call time for you.

Come and join the “Show\"

All the best,
Chris DiGirolamo

03-01-19Tracy Edward

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to reach out on behalf of my daughter Liliana to say thank you for your music page : http://www.chrisgrecomusic.com/html/links.php . Lily is enrolled in a Jazz Ensemble program(playing the drums).

Jazz is fairly new to her - she's loved music from a very young age but just recently decided she wanted to take the spring "Introduction to Jazz" ensemble program Mondays after school. She had her first class on Monday and came home with some study sheets and homework so I've been helping her do some research. Your page has been a giant help! As a thank you - Lily also wanted to pass along another good resource she found on the History of Jazz: https://www.aaastateofplay.com/musical-playgrounds-for-kids-the-history-of-jazz-music/ . She thought it'd make a great addition to your page. Its been really helpful to her in getting a better understanding of Jazz History - so she thought you might find it useful too. If you do add it could you place just let me know? I know Lily would love to show her instructor when they meet on Monday, if you get a chance to update. Regardless, thank you again for your awesome resources!

Thanks again,
Tracy & Liliana Edward

12-22-18Randy Halberstadt

Hello Chris,

I’m a jazz pianist from Seattle (https://www.randyhalberstadt.com). I’m writing to ask you to check out a set of online musician directories that I’ve cooked up. They’re completely free to use and free to join – I’m just doing this as a labor of love. Here’s a link to the main directory page on my website:


No worries if you choose not to join. I at least wanted you to be aware of the resource in case you need to find someone else’s contact info. You’ll find several names within the various directories that you recognize. (They can also be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of the main directory page.)

All the best, Randy

04-09-16ric craig

Chris long time!! Im in tampa/ st pete.
Teach part time at USF.
Heard they are closing Jax in glendale. Fond memories playing your compositions. Wondered if u had any copies of those tunes es we recorded with trey henry and you. Hope all is well.
818-631 2706

11-24-15Gregg Bohling

Chris Greco,
Gregg Bohling (Frank) how the hell are you ?

12-13-14Paul Nolen

Hi Chris,
I hope you're doing well. This is Paul Nolen, and I teach saxophone at Illinois State. We're hosting Steven Stucky as a guest artist this spring, and I've been asked to perform his "Notturno." I checked out your sound sample on this site, and enjoyed your playing! Would you be willing to send me the complete live recording to check out? I'm just trying to get a sense of what this piece entails since I don't yet have the score. Many thanks,

11-11-14Bob Vandivort

Hi Chris
You have a Beautiful Tenor Sound. I wonder if you can share what Horn,Reeds an Mouthpiece you play on your Tenor set up.
Bob V

09-14-14Bach in the Subways Day

Hearty greetings to all fellow Bach lovers! We write to inform you of Bach in the Subways Day – an annual celebration on J.S. Bach’s 330th birthday, Saturday, March 21, 2015, when musicians around the world will unite to perform Bach for free in subways and public spaces, all day and all night, to share our love for our art form and to sow the seeds for future generations of classical music lovers. We are currently recruiting musicians, organizers, and venues for performances – solos, ensembles, flashmobs, marathons and other creative scenarios are all encouraged! If you happen to be a music teacher, Bach in the Subways Day also presents an ideal opportunity for your students to gain valuable public performance experience. Bach in the Subways is a community focused, volunteer driven, grassroots organization – we encourage everyone to get involved in promoting this unique global event. You can help us fill the world with Bach!

Write to us at bachinthesubwaysday@gmail.com with your ideas, inquiries, and suggestions, and to have your planned Bach in the Subways Day 2015 performances posted on our online global schedule. Join facebook.com/BachInTheSubways and twitter.com/bachinthesubway to be updated on Bach in the Subways Day 2015 news.

08-27-14Lauren DeJesus Bowman

Hi Chris, I don't know if you remember me but I took alto sax lessons from you about 14 years ago! I found you at Marshall Music then went to your house in Pasadena for a while for private lessons. I was thinking about you because some of my students asked me about learning different instruments, and I told them I had private lessons as a new teacher years ago. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and that I appreciate that you took the time out of your busy schedule to teach me. I currently teach Commercial music, Band and Choir at Lawndale High school. I found your page on facebook, but couldn't find your contact info so I was happy to find this page. Anyways, I hope all is well and I hope to hear from you soon!

07-03-14Eudoxia Ypsilanti

Dear Mr.Greco,
My name is Eudoxia and I am composer, arranger,copyist and music engraver from Greece.
I have 5 years experience as a copyist and in music transcription. I use the software Finale 2009.For my last 2 years, I am Music Engraver for Edition Orpheus , Cambia,Nordstern Edition and Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings.
Samples of my work you can find at:
I'd be glad to co-operate with you as music engraver or arranger for your future projects.

Thank you for your time

04-24-14Beaux Lux


My name is Beaux Lux. I'm a musician based out of St. Joseph, and I've put together a community event for current and aspiring jazz musicians throughout the area.

My group, Amalgam Jazz, hosts a jazz jam (all eras/styles) at the First Ward (in St. Joseph) the first Monday of each month, from 5-9.

It is an all ages spot (with good food), and we've been doing it for over a year now.

I put it together to provide a friendly networking and training ground for the area musicians.

I would love get any interested students from the surrounding areas aware of this opportunity (I used to have to head down to K.C. to get regular opportunities to play jazz and find good quality jams).

I heavily encourage individual players, as well as entire combos, to come and get plugged in to the thriving network.

We've had players of all skill ranges play (from beginner h.s. combos, to decades-experience jazz musicians). It's a very friendly/encouraging environment, and with less and less outlets to play these days, it's a great training ground that's important to me to provide.

On the professional end, many new contacts and gig opportunities have been established because of the natural cross-talk that happens at these events (especially for rhythm section players). From recording session work, recital partners, and pit orchestra work, to rock/pop/funk/jazz gigs, it all opens up to those who network.

If you know of any people (students, faculty, community) that would be interested in this event, please let them know. Good professional jams were a cornerstone of my own development in my youth, and it is important to me to provide a local function of the same.


Dear Mr.Greco,
My name is Eudoxia and I am freelance composer, arranger,copyist and music engraver from Greece.
I have 5 years experience as a copyist and in music transcription. I use the software Finale 2009.For my last 2 years, I am Music Engraver for Edition Orpheus , Cambia,Nordstern Edition and Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings.
Samples of my work you can find at:
I'd be glad to co-operate with you as transcriber,Arranger,or music engraver for your future projects.
Thank you for your time

10-26-13Dave Horne

Christopher, many years ago in the early 1970's I worked with a singer who worked two weeks at Dangerfield's, the comedy club of the late Rodney Dangerfield.

THe same time we played there there was also a Chris Greco trio performing. I was wondering if in fact that could have been you.

I trust yuou don't mind this intrusion.

All the best, Dave Horne

Dave Horne
Johan Frisolaan 41
5263 BS Vught, The Netherlands
+31 (0)73 657 8009
Skype™ davehorne1


Dear Chris:

The following title will be reviewed in the October issue of Cadence.


GWS 71959

You can access the review on October 1, 2013 with this temporary username.
username: cadence1@gmail.com
password: cadence

Reply to this email to place your order, or call 503-975-5176.

05-31-13Gilberto Mineiro

Hi Chris! I would like to introduce myself. I'm Gilberto Mineiro. I’m journalist, musical researcher and broadcaster at Rádio Universidade FM in São Luís (an island in the northeast of Brazil which was founded by the French and later colonized by the Portugueses.

Here I produce and present radio program named " Music Company " that is relates with Bossa Nova, jazz, new music, modern music, acid jazz, classical music, new age, progressive, blues, Brazilian Music, World Music, Ethnic Music, experiment music and much more since 1990 It would be such a pleasure to receive your information – press kit with CD in order to spread your work out, in my radio program.

Thank you very much for the attention and interest. I will be waiting for your news.


Send to Gilberto Mineiro

My address is: Rua Santa Rita, 664 - centro, Sao Luis Maranhao cep-65015-430 Brazil

Ps to hear my show radio at the university radio called "Company of the Music", go to the site: http://www.universidadefm.ufma.br / every Thursday, Streaming live from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m., Brazilian schedule

04-22-13jonathan Bernard

Great site, Chris. Great to see what you are up to. Congrats.

Can you do a fellow performing artists a favor, pls?

Can you give me an update re our Orchid Ensemble discussions for Spring 2014, pls?

If its still pending, no problem, just need to know.

If its a NO!, pls let me know.

I'm just not sure how to proceed with my tour planning for Spring 2014, not knowing how we will or may proceed.

Big thanks,


04-04-13Jim Eigo

Hello Chris,

I’d really like to give your new CD “Trane of Though " a listen.

Please send or have your label send to my below address.

You should know my various music related activities include: NARAS (voting Member http://www.grammys.com/), Annual JJA Awards (notification committee + voting Member http://www.jazzhouse.org/) , Highlights In Jazz, Cape May Jazz Fest and the Jazz Museum In Harlem to name a few.

You should also know that we provide a number of services for independent artists and labels. We can assist you with getting reviews and spreading the word to wider jazz community. Just ask for my list of campaigns and I’ll send over all the details.

Please add me to your e mail list to keep me informed about all your musical activities.

Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Very best regards,

Jim Eigo
Jazz Promo Services
272 State Route 94 South #1
Warwick, NY 10990
Ph: 845-986-1677 / Fax: 845-986-1699
Cell / text: 917-755-8960
Skype: jazzpromo


12-29-12Deborah Young

Hello. I'm trying to find out if the KC NACUSA Chapter is still active. I'm an aspiring composer looking for a local community in which to participate, including possible mentors and opportunities to assist established composers.

12-27-12Jeff Williams


Dear Chris:

Congratulations on your new CD, we understand the journey it took to get here. After listening to each of the online samples of your new CD Trane of Thought and reading through your online biography, we recognize the potential in your new offering to obtain quantifiable (provable & reusable) radio airplay and reviews for your new release.

The samples of Trane of Thought contain great unique compositions and arrangements; I really appreciate the various techniques you explore with your music and on the saxophone and flute.

In “Sterope," I really enjoyed the playing; outstanding feel, very nice melody, interesting arrangement, great ensemble sound, and the music is enjoyable and creative.

We are a results driven promotions agency with a proven record of airplay placement and national charting with the American Jazz Charts, which include; terrestrial radio stations (NPR, Community and College), satellite radio stations, retail and television radio stations. Our 23 years of experience in many facets of the music industry offer much more than positive airplay and print outcomes; we also offer career building tools with our 3.0 media amenities and social networking promotions, which automatically come with the campaign at no additional charge. At Kari-On Productions, not only do you get results, you get necessary re-branding to make the kind of impact needed to sell your CD, attract new fans and make an impression with industry decision makers.

08-07-12William Funk

Dear Dr. Greco,
I'm a composer and recently retired adjunct faculty at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas and am writing to let you know about a couple of my pieces that feature the saxophone for which I am seeking a wider audience.
The first is a sax quartet - \\\\\\\"Saxophone Sonnet\\\\\\\". It has been performed in Missouri by students of Leo Saguiguit, in Michigan by students of Trent Kynaston, and in Texas by students of Todd Oxford. Recordings are up on my website (www.williamfunk.com). The work is unique in that all 4 players are required to double on alto sax during one section of the piece.
The second is a work for mezzo-soprano, viola, soprano sax, and flugelhorn - \\\\\\\"Concupiscence\\\\\\\". It\\\\\\\'s a 3 movement song cycle featuring mezzo, but there\\\\\\\'s plenty of interesting material for the saxophone as well.
And lastly is a fun, little trio for saxophone (soprano/alto), trumpet, and cello - \\\\\\\"Equi-Delta\\\\\\\". The work was recently premiered by a faculty trio at SW Oklahoma State University.
Could I e-mail (or US Mail) you a pdf copy of any or all of the scores for your consideration?
William F. Funk

12-17-11greg lazare

sheialh filson says to say hello

11-15-11Mike Elliot


Will you be in LA on the 17th for the Hollywood Music Awards?
I'd like to come by and say hello. Let me know if you get the chance.


01-27-10Ken Lovern

Hey Chris,

I enjoyed hearing one of your jazz tracks on KPR 91.5 fm about a week ago. David Basse told me that you had recently moved to the area from LA. I'm a jazz organist. Maybe we could do some playing some time.


07-31-09Luigi Magistrelli

Congratulations for your artistic activity
and great site !

Luigi Magistrelli , Conservatory of Milano